Customized Ribbon Printing in Dubai

We specialize in the production of high-quality Satin Ribbon with multi-color logo printing. Ribbon has been more popular in the UAE and Middle East markets due to its everyday use as an ornament on non-human animals, buildings, and packaging, as well as a low-cost budget advertising tactic. A well-printed quality ribbon is a low-cost advertising material that can be used by any company to advertise its brand or products. We provide an extensive selection of ribbon materials and printing methods that are excellent for professional service, ensuring that you get the best ribbon printing for your next promotional project.

Satin Ribbon

Satin Ribbon with Customized Printing

Satin ribbons are now frequently used in a variety of applications ranging from clothes to wedding decorations, gift wrapping to point-of-sale adornment, packaging to bookbinding, and the list goes on. Qasar al murjan provides top quality satin ribbon with bespoke printing in a variety of sizes. Customized satin ribbon in various thicknesses, sizes, and shapes, as well as free design services (*conditions apply). We also offer same-day satin ribbon printing in Dubai.


  • Matreial: Satin
  • Size: 1.25cm | 1.5cm | 2cm | 2.5cm | 3.9cm | 5cm
  • Color: Customizable
  • Printing Color: One or two color Printing
  • Printing: Screen Printing | Sublimation Printing

Polyester Ribbon

Polyester Ribbon with Customized Printing

Polyester ribbon is a kind of thread that can be used to make clothing, whereas satin is a sort of weave. Furthermore, polyester is quite durable, although satin's endurance is dependent on the type of fabric and adequate treatment. Polyester ribbons are commonly used in gift box packing, wedding supplies, birthday celebration interior design, homemade products, DIY flower creation, and so on. This polyester ribbon with a particular treatment allows you to print in a variety of ways with high-quality, stunning, and amazing designs to create a high quality polyester ribbon printing.


  • Matreial: Polyester
  • Size: 1.5cm | 2cm | 2.5cm | 3.9cm | 5cm
  • Color: Customizable
  • Printing Color: One or two color Printing
  • Printing: Screen Printing | Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing

Ribbon with Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation customized printed satin and polyester ribbon supports for the printing of complicated designs on the ribbon. With no print color restrictions and the flexibility to use gradient shading, this bespoke print method may print anything from original designs to photographic pictures onto ribbon.
The sublimation printing method starts with the artwork being printed with dye-based inks onto a specialized sublimation paper. After that, the paper is placed on the cloth and heated, causing the ink to transform into a gas and enter the surface of the cloth. The ink solidifies as the fabric cools down, resulting in a long-lasting, brilliant design.

The capacity to create vibrant, long-lasting graphics which will not fade or crack over time is one of the advantages of sublimation printing. The technique is especially suitable for elaborate, full-color artwork since it allows for precise color reproduction and outstanding detail.
It is important to note, however, that sublimation printing only works on particular fabrics, such as polyester and satin. In addition, sublimation printing is a more specialized method that demands the use of specialized equipment and materials. However, if you want high-quality, full-color designs on materials, sublimation printing is an excellent choice.

Screen Printing

Ribbon with Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the earliest and most widely used methods of ribbon printing. It requires creating a stencil, sometimes known as a screen, and applying layers of ink to the cloth using it. Screen printing has a high level of color vibrancy, durability, and versatility, making it excellent for designs with solid colors or bold graphics. It is especially popular for large-scale production runs because to its low cost.
Screen printing is one of among the most common and adaptable ribbon printing methods. It entails making a stencil, sometimes known as a screen, and using it to apply ink to the fabric. This technique is perfect for huge, bold visuals since it allows for brilliant colors and accurate details.

An artwork is put onto a fine mesh screen to begin the screen printing process, with each color requiring a different screen. The ink is then pushed through the screen with a squeegee, imparting the design to the fabric. This approach delivers exceptional color saturation and durability, ensuring that your design will last a long time.
The adaptability of screen printing is one of its many advantages. It is effective on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester. Furthermore, screen printing provides a diverse range of ink options

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